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about us

About Us

Fatimanature herbs is the leading brand in African herbal remedies for women of all ages, known as kayamata in Hausa.

Kayamata, which literally means women’s stuff is an ancient culture and practice of the Hausa’s of Northern Nigeria. This culture has become very popular among women in Nigeria, other parts of Africa and the world because it works wonders. 


At Fatimanature Herbs, we pride ourselves as your last stop for herbal remedies for all kinds of sexual problems in women and men, alike. We are the merchant of merchants as we also sell wholesale to other merchants in the industry.

We are simply the best at what we do. Our products are safe to consume and guaranteed to work! Only a trial will convince you!!

At  fatimanature Herbs, we make it happen naturally!!!

fatimanature herbs

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trying to conceive kit

Trying To Conceive Kit

This herbal product has a lot of testimony and has lasted for 20 years.
The Herbs is to be taking for 1 month.

Attraction Oil

This oil is for those who might be looking for a partner and to spice up their love life. This is ideal, it will attract New love to you and also heat things up.

chicken herbs

Chicken Herbs

Our chicken preparation is a unique one, we use one particular chicken for the preparation.

It makes a woman’s punani fuller velvet which makes the penetration very smooth

It can last in the body for 3 month

Bonding Herbs Mixture

Made from premium African herbs, native to Northern Nigeria and the Sahara, this mixture;
– Brings couples closer together
– Bridges the gap between partners
– Cements every crack in your marriage or relationship
– Makes you passionately fond of each other, and inseparable (potent against sidechicks)

bonding herbs mixture
Vjay Steaming Herbs

Vjay Steaming Herbs

Vjay steaming herbs penetrate deep into a woman’s vagina and reproductive system when used periodically
– Clears the urinary tracts of infections
– Corrects hormonal imbalance
– Clears the fallopian tubes of blockages
– Corrects irregular menstrual cycle
– Increases your chances of conception by at least 50%

It is very important for a woman to cleanse her inside from time to time with this age long and trusted remedy native to the Hausa/Fulani culture of Northern Nigeria.

Horny Max Powder

Horny Max Powder… (Ultimate solution for dryness)
– Super wet
– super sweet
– Super randy

Horny Max Powder

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